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New Story- Open Eyes

At last I have finally put up something for my story!
I put up the prologue for my orginial story 'Open Eyes'
Its not much, but I am having a couple troubles with the first chapters and will put them up with when I get it right.
So you can find it HERE & under the cut is the general info and casting!


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summer lovin'

Vidding Meme

Going through friends journals im finding lots of good stuff to do. This I found over at lotrfrk17's journal who stole it from lightofshadows6


My favorite video this year (of my own):
Wow, First off im not the type of person who likes all of my videos but i would have to say
Breathe Into Me [Atonement]
It just pops out at me as one of the best. I did it in one day and the effects werent over done (in my opion) but still equal with the song.Most of them were done on accident. And not to mention that I was popping out Atonement videos almost every weekend. So a lot of those to chose from. Plus the border and watermark was one of my favorite colorings.
My least favourite video this year:
Another Way To Die [Twilight] , Foundations [Sparrabeth], Resuce Me [Sparrabeth], and any done in WMM :[

Most successful video
I Caught Myself - Twilight/ Edward and Bella
A couple days ago this got muted , which i thought why in the heck took them so long because at this moment it has 21,147 views. One weekend it so happens that i had nothing to do (happens more often then usal), i came across the new twilight song by paramore and i really wanted to try for one of those really sucessful videos that get 1,000 + views in a day. A new twilight song and lyrics mixed and what did i get? WIN. Although it had to have been one of my simple ones. And anything thats dedicated to ACJ is a WIN with humgo views. [ stuck the shout out in there ^.^]
Video most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion:
How Close is Close Enough? - Sparrabeth.
I did the lyrics in with the combo of sparrabeth and the beautiful texture. No one ever really watched that. Thinking it was good is a bad thought most of the time. Ones that are think that are okay end up doing the best.

Most fun video:
Love, Lies and Mistakes Teaser Trailer, Whats more fun than making a trailer for your own FF? ;]

Video with single sexiest moment:
Decode- Sparrabeth [AU], Mostly because it implies some realtions with Jack and Liz behind the scenes. And of course who is Will not to walk in..........

Biggest vid fail
Sober- Elizabeth Swan [AU]. Its a AU fail. Seems to happen a lot.

Hardest video to make:
'Wondering Where You've Been'- Edward and Bella/ Chuck and Blair. The song had so many beats and extra drumming behind it that it gave me a challenge to try to get most of those. So the song wasnt even finshed for both sides.

Most unintentionally telling video:
Um, since im not exactly sure what that means so this will go not filled out....

The things I've learned this year:
To take my time on things. Focus on one big project and keep profecting it. All beats cant be done. Challenge myself at little with new songs or fandoms. Plus not everyone needs 3 videos a week :/

For 2009:
Basically trying to perfect things better. Find out what I want to do more. And find my vidding style mostly. And not expecting to make 60 per year sheesh

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Random Post

I figure I might start using this for fun 1 A.M. tried as hell but cant go asleep posts. And not just youtube updates, rants, or my fan fiction stuff. [Which a preview for 'My Letter of Confession' will be put up soon]
So heres one i found.
Taken from </a></b></a>winterevanesce</lj>
Put your MP3 player/playlist on shuffle and write down the first line of the first twenty songs. Post the poem that results. The first line of the twenty-first is the title.

I am finding out that maybe i was wrong,
she takes takes her time with the littlest things,
im not saying its your fault although you could of done more,
but this has been said so many times that im not sure if it matters,
i've got alot to say to you,
its not so easy loving me,
your not sure that you love that but not sure enough to let me go,
i dont mind where you come from as long as you come to me,
we dont want to we dont have be like that,
i got your picture im comming with you,
i cant remeber when it was good,
shes grabs that yellow bottle she likes the way it hits her lips,
were on the second floor with the lock on my door,
i seek you out play you alive,
you come to me with scars on your wrist,
when you try your best but you dont suceed,
there gonna clean up your looks,
ive been watching your world from a far,
mysterous thats what i call you,
we tried so hard to understand but we cant

Okay so that was kinda fun but also random.

Song titles under cut:
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